ExxonMobil Chemical Introduces New Label-Lyte™ 50TD200 Film to Facilitate Flotation Separation from PET Bottles and for Enhanced Shrinkage

  • Facilitates flotation separation from PET bottles
  • Consistent on-bottle shrinkage of up to 50 percent
  • Low density delivers yield advantages


Sunday, October 28, 2012 9:00 am EDT


"Life Cycle Assessment of Shrink Sleeve Films"

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ExxonMobil Chemical has introduced a new Label-Lyte™ film which has been designed with low density to facilitate flotation separation of the label from bottles in support of PET bottle-to-bottle recycling (where available). It also provides excellent on-bottle shrinkage. Label-Lyte™ 50TD200 shrink sleeve film is ideal for customers requiring transverse-direction (TD) shrink sleeve labels for food, beverage, healthcare and other consumer goods applications.

“Demand for closed-loop recycling of PET bottles is driving a desire for low density TD shrink sleeve label materials that facilitate label flotation separation from the container,” said Kevin Frydryk, global labels film market development manager, ExxonMobil Chemical. “This new film is designed to meet these needs.”

Label-Lyte 50TD200 shrink sleeve film provides on-bottle shrinkage of up to 50 percent. This allows creative, full-package decoration of complex containers such as contoured plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, aerosols and curved glass for unique brand differentiation.

When compared to 50 µm PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and OPS (oriented polystyrene), Label-Lyte 50TD200 shrink sleeve film is lower weight and, in production and use, consumes less energy while producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: “Life Cycle Assessment of Shrink Sleeve Films”, ExxonMobil 2012. LCA peer reviewed per ISO 14040 and 14044:2006 standards).

Offering a lower density (0.9 g/cc) than commonly used TD shrink materials, this 50 micron polyolefin film also can provide yield advantages.

The film offers good receptivity to most inks and high print definition for excellent print quality. It is seamable using most common solvent seaming methods and materials, and can be formed to the container using steam and hot air shrink systems. Label-Lyte™ 50TD200 shrink sleeve film is ideal for high-speed labeling and exhibits consistent slip for efficient labeling performance.

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