ExxonMobil and Hosokawa Alpine Showcase New Exceed XP Performance Polymer High Barrier Film Solution

  • Generates cost savings while delivering high integrity packaging to protect food
  • Produces better performing or more cost-efficient high barrier film
  • Delivers cost reduction opportunities through downgauging


Wednesday, October 19, 2016 9:00 am EDT


"Our objective is to provide customers with a variety of options, based on our range of 5- to 11-layer lines, so they can more readily meet the challenging requirements for high barrier film solutions"

BRUSSELS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ExxonMobil and Hosokawa Alpine are collaborating at K2016 to demonstrate a differentiated high barrier packaging film solution which helps to generate cost savings while enabling high integrity packaging to protect food. Exceed XP – when eXtreme Performance matters -- is being demonstrated in 11-layer high barrier film at the Hosokawa Alpine booth (Hall 16/D06).

With the global population expected to reach over nine billion people by 2050 and with more than 30% of food wasted today, high barrier films are gaining globally. Changing lifestyles, an increasing number of single households and aging communities are also contributing to barrier packaging films accounting for 25-30% of food packaging needs. As a result, smaller packaging units and case-ready packs for fresh food, both of which require high barrier film for optimal product protection, are becoming more important.

“Our objective is to provide customers with a variety of options, based on our range of 5- to 11-layer lines, so they can more readily meet the challenging requirements for high barrier film solutions,” said Mr. Holger Niemeier, executive vice president, Hosokawa Alpine. “A part of the solution is to replace laminated structures with extruded composites. Working together, we have developed this extreme performance packaging solution. The 11-layer machine provides design flexibility for different possibilities from high barrier films to sophisticated polyolefin dedicated (POD) films.”

At K2016, a food lamination packaging film will be produced that includes Exceed XP 8318 in the sub-skin layers and Exceed 1012 and 3812 in the sealing layers for exceptional toughness and outstanding seal performance. Using Exceed XP 8318 in the sub-skin layers delivers the potential to reduce cost through downgauging, and the versatile combination of different functional layers can be used to meet different application needs.

These new Exceed XP performance polymers are part of ExxonMobil’s commitment to helping customers achieve sustained business growth. It is by sharing knowledge and working in collaboration across the value chain that creates differentiated solutions for applications when extreme performance matters.

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