ExxonMobil Chemical's Battery Separator Film Technologies Help Put Electric Vehicles on the Road


Wednesday, January 23, 2008 10:00 am EST



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HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ExxonMobil Chemical today announced that its new battery film technology will be an integral part of Electrovayas new all electric vehicles. ExxonMobils battery separator films significantly enhance the power, safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries, thereby helping speed the adoption of these smaller and lighter batteries into the next wave of lower-emission vehicles. Electrovaya announced the launch of its Zero Emission Low Speed vehicle, Maya-300, earlier today.

ExxonMobil is pleased to collaborate with Electrovaya, said Jim Harris, senior vice president, ExxonMobil Chemical. ExxonMobils film technologies allow lithium-ion batteries to meet hybrid and electric vehicle requirements, helping to make vehicles like the Maya-300 lighter and more efficient.

The Maya-300 electric vehicles will have an extended range of up to 120 miles and are designed for urban and neighborhood driving patterns.

Electrovayas innovative lithium-ion battery system has made the low-speed electric vehicle a viable commercial product, said Sankar Das Gupta, chief executive officer, Electrovaya. We are pleased to launch the Maya-300 and believe this zero emission vehicle marks a new era where affordable clean transportation solutions become available with sufficient range for daily local driving.

ExxonMobils technology platform builds on twenty years experience in lithium-ion battery separators, applying advanced polymer and process technologies with flexibility to tailor products to battery manufacturer requirements.

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ExxonMobil Chemical is a global leader in technology, product quality and customer service with petrochemical manufacturing and/or marketing operations around the world. For more information visit: www.exxonmobilchemical.com.

About Electrovaya:

Electrovaya (TSX: EFL) is a developer and manufacturer of portable power solutions with its proprietary Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® battery technology. Its goal is to become the preferred provider of tablet PCs, portable power for aerospace, defence and wireless sectors, and the developer of alternative energy applications including UPS, stand-by power, plug-in hybrids and zero-emission Vehicle. The Company's shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol EFL. For more information about Electrovaya and its products, please visit: www.electrovaya.com.

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