ExxonMobil Introduces SpectraSyn Elite 300 mPAO, Expanding its Portfolio of Synthetic Base Stocks Offered to Lubricant Formulators

  • SpectraSyn Elite 300 mPAO offers new performance advantages, along with greater versatility in the formulation of synthetic lubricants
  • Successfully meets the high- and low-temperature performance targets for industrial and automotive applications
  • End-user benefits include: enhanced film thickness, wide temperature range, and unique balance of viscosity and low temperature performance


Monday, May 16, 2016 9:28 am EDT



Public Company Information:

"We are confident that increasingly stringent performance standards for finished lubricants will continue to sustain strong demand for synthetic base stocks"

ExxonMobil Chemical today announced the introduction of an addition to its line of SpectraSyn Elite™ metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) synthetic base stocks. Offering enhanced film thickness, combined with a unique balance of shear stability versus low temperature performance, SpectraSyn Elite 300 – the industry’s only 300 cSt mPAO – provides formulators with even greater flexibility to develop innovative lubricants.

ExxonMobil Chemical issued the news at the 71st Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), May 15-19, 2016.

“The addition of SpectraSyn Elite 300 mPAO to ExxonMobil Chemical’s well-known line of synthetic base stocks further demonstrates our commitment to help customers create innovative finished lubricants that meet increasingly challenging requirements and demanding specifications,” said Brad Rinderknecht, ExxonMobil synthetic fluids and lubricant base stocks global marketing manager. “We developed SpectraSyn Elite 300 in response to growing global demand for mPAO base stocks and to offer even greater flexibility to lubricant formulators worldwide.”

ExxonMobil Chemical's world-scale manufacturing plant in Baytown, Texas is a state-of-the-art facility that demonstrates the company’s technology and innovation leadership, as well as its deep commitment to the synthetic base stocks industry. The plant is currently capable of producing up to 50 thousand tons of SpectraSyn Elite mPAO annually.

Demand for mPAO base stocks continues to increase worldwide as finished lubricant manufacturers use these new and novel base stocks to produce next generation lubricants. Compared to conventional base stocks, SpectraSyn Elite mPAO base stocks can help formulators develop automotive and industrial finished lubricants that offer greater durability, enhanced energy efficiency and extended drain intervals.

“We are confident that increasingly stringent performance standards for finished lubricants will continue to sustain strong demand for synthetic base stocks,” added Rinderknecht.

SpectraSyn Elite 300 mPAO offers the following key benefits:

  • Enhanced film thickness: Provides enhanced film thickness compared to other commercial high viscosity base stocks, which can contribute to reduced wear.

  • Wide temperature range: Expands lubricant temperature operating range due to high viscosity index (VI) with excellent low temperature properties that translate into enhanced performance and equipment protection at extreme temperatures.

  • Unique balanced offering: Provides a novel balance of film thickness, shear stability and low temperature performance compared to other high viscosity base stocks. Overall, the unique balanced offering helps the lubricant maintain its protective viscosity even under severe conditions.

  • Greater formulation flexibility: Offers flexibility to formulate the broadest range of ISO VG oils, providing formulators with more options.

Developed using a proprietary metallocene catalyst process, all grades of SpectraSyn Elite mPAO base stocks are scientifically engineered to offer improved performance characteristics versus conventional PAO base stocks. ExxonMobil Chemical continues to build on its metallocene technology leadership by developing industry solutions that can help contribute to increased energy efficiency, improved fuel economy, extended drain intervals, and reduced emissions.

Among the world’s largest synthetic base stock suppliers, ExxonMobil Chemical offers a wide selection of advanced synthetic base stock fluids, including SpectraSyn™ and SpectraSyn Plus™ PAOs, Synesstic™ alkylated naphthalene and Esterex™ ester fluids.

At STLE 2016, visitors to the ExxonMobil Chemical booth #101 can meet with technical experts to discover how the company is helping customers formulate with SpectraSyn Elite 300 mPAO and its innovative array of other synthetic base stocks.

In addition, ExxonMobil Chemical technical experts will be presenting the following seminars in conference room Bronze 4 on Monday, May 16:

  • 9:30 a.m: “The ExxonMobil Chemical Metallocene PAO family is expanding,” presented by Marco Calzada, synthetics marketing technology support lead, ExxonMobil Chemical

  • 2:30 p.m: “Metallocene PAO 300, delivering flexibility to formulate innovative lubricants,” presented by Mike Sheehan, staff chemist, ExxonMobil Chemical

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