ExxonMobil Synthetics Provides Broad Formulation Solutions to Help Meet Lube Marketer Challenges

  • Deeper emphasis on helping customers formulate solutions for faster commercialization
  • Superior customer experience through deeper end-use application expertise
  • Enhanced website includes technical videos, how-to whitepapers, test cases and more
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 9:00 am EDT


"Speed to market is extremely important to formulators"

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ExxonMobil highlights its cross-functional support teams who focus on helping customers formulate solutions for faster commercialization. These multi-disciplinary teams consist of experts in technology, market development and sales, and support lubricant manufacturers covering markets where synthetic base stocks provide significant performance enhancements, such as industrial gear oil, wind turbine oil, engine oil, transmission oil and grease segments.

The teams analyze technical requirements and trends across the lubes value chain to provide insights to lube marketers, additive companies and more. Customers also benefit from enhanced laboratory capacity added to support testing of Synthetics technology. This new capacity enables ExxonMobil Synthetics to better assist clients in developing formulation solutions that meet their needs and help them innovate and grow with confidence.

“Speed to market is extremely important to formulators,” said Jack Hazel, market development manager for ExxonMobil Synthetics. “By working with ExxonMobil – a global market leader in synthetic base stocks – our customers will be able to leverage our deepening formulations knowledge across multiple market segments. As a result, more formulations will meet ever-tightening specifications in an accelerated manner and our clients will be able to capitalize on rapidly evolving market opportunities.”

A recently enhanced website: www.exxonmobilsynthetics.com provides information targeted to lubricants marketers, formulators and procurement personnel. It features material centered on customer needs so they can find information effectively and efficiently. The website offers rich content such as technical videos, how-to whitepapers, test cases, market segment overviews, insights into supply chain information, case studies and more.

In addition, through a new Digital Product Selector tool, customers can know more about ExxonMobil’s SpectraSyn™ Elite mPAO, SpectraSyn Plus PAO, Esterex™ Esters and Synesstic™ Alkylated Naphthalene. All of this is good news for customers who are under pressure to research and release new products in compressed time frames.

About ExxonMobil Synthetics

Today’s formulators face demands for greater energy efficiency, emissions reductions and fuel economy. They strive to create lubricants that provide longer drain intervals, better performance in a wider temperature range and increased durability under severe conditions. These challenges spark a need for innovation. ExxonMobil’s broad portfolio of advanced synthetic base stocks can help meet the high performance expectations of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as well as increasingly demanding specifications. You can rely on us for consistent, high-quality synthetic base stocks, a world-class global supply network and exceptional support. Innovate confidently. www.exxonmobilsynthetics.com

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